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Mohawk Group is the premium brand for commercial flooring solutions of Unilin within the EMEA market.

Step into the core of Mohawk Group, where commitment to innovation, well-being and design converge. Learn more about our structural strength and experience an approach that enhances the well-being of everyone connected through our commercial flooring solutions.

Mohawk Group EMEA

Experience Mohawk Group, for groundbreaking products that gratify harmony in every corner while adding grace to your space.

Having seamlessly transitioned from IVC Commercial to Mohawk Group, we bring a wealth of experience and expertise to redefine the standards in commercial flooring solutions.

Join us on a journey of discovery as we continue to push boundaries. Welcome to the future of flooring – welcome to Mohawk Group.

Offices of Mohawk Group in Waregem

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While we may be a new kid on the block, in the EMEA market, our journey is steeped in a rich legacy that we proudly embrace.


Elevate spaces with Mohawk Group’s well-being philosophy, where groundbreaking products redefine harmony and grace.


Mohawk Group goes beyond industry norms, crafting sustainable products that elevate spaces and prioritize individual well-being


Enhancing spaces sustainably with products meeting the highest standards of environmental responsibility and excellence.

A brand of UNILIN

Unilin is an international reference in interior design and construction industry solutions. Across the globe, some 8,200 employees at over 100 locations dig deep to push the boundaries in terms of floor covering, panel and insulation material.

Unilin Group is more than the sum of its parts. Unilin group consists of five divisions that focus on innovation and entrepreneurship: Unilin Panels, Unilin Insulation, Unilin Flooring, Unilin Technologies and Godfrey Hirst. Together these five divisions make up one international team: more innovation, more entrepreneurship, more passion and more solutions for our customers.

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Woman playing with her kid on a floor by unilin
Logo of Mohawk Group at company area

Mohawk Industries

Unilin Group is proud to part of Mohawk Industries, Inc., the world’s largest flooring company, offering a comprehensive selection of hard and soft surface products for residential and commercial spaces.

Mohawk Industries’ US brand for commercial flooring is Mohawk Group, a leading innovator in flooring and design, offering a portfolio of solutions that blend beauty, performance, and sustainability. Driven by its Believe in Better ethos, Mohawk Group is committed to creating extraordinary experiences for its customers, partners, and employees.

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That's about us. What about you?

Looking for a job? Join a vibrant, global family at Unilin. Thrive in a new environment, contribute to meaningful causes, and connect beyond borders. Experience well-being in every aspect of your professional journey, at Unilin!

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Carpet tile floor with a design chair

Mohawk Group

Mohawk Group EMEA

Industriëlaan 97a,
7700 Moeskroen
T. 056 59 03 11

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