Customized service,
By Mohawk Group

Explore a tailored service experience at Mohawk Group, crafted for architects & Designers, Contractors & Installers and End-Users envisioning transformative spaces. Experience seamless collaboration for projects that impress and satisfy, regardless of your budget.

Our opinion on service?
Customized excellence for all!

Whether you're an end user, a creative mind, or a technical expert, Mohawk Group tailors its services to meet your unique needs. Our personalized services ensures excellence in every interaction with Mohawk Group's flooring solutions.

& Designers

Find inspiration and discover the perfect products for your project. Let’s create gracious spaces together, enhancing peoples productivity and overall wellbeing! By collaborating on concepts and develop tailored floor plans.

& Installers

Experience a seamless journey where your expertise meets our commitment to excellence, ensuring that every project not only impresses but also satisfies your customers, regardless of their budget.

& End users

Choose flooring that goes beyond aesthetics, investing in a space that works for both your business and your employees.

Carpet tile floor with a design chair

Mohawk Group

Mohawk Group EMEA

Industriëlaan 97a,
7700 Moeskroen
T. 056 59 03 11

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