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Our Approach

How we strive to make an impact on well-being  

We are committed to enhancing well-being for everyone connected to our products, from designers and installers to end-users, next to our own personnel. Our focus on well-being ensures that our carpet tiles not only adorn spaces but contribute to a healthier and more harmonious environment.

Through our products

Underfoot comfort 

Recognizing the significant impact of underfoot comfort on overall employee well-being, we at Mohawk Group have pioneered a method to objectively assess and differentiate our products based on their comfort levels. Going beyond traditional approaches, we integrated the artificial athlete test. This standardized test evaluates stress impact on athletes’ joints and muscles.

By applying this innovative approach, we encourage our customers to make underpinned decisions about flooring options. Surfaces with high shock absorption and low vertical deformation prove to be more comfortable, effectively reducing muscle fatigue. In this way we commit in contributing to a healthier and more productive workplace.


Acoustics are essential for a well-balanced space. Modern interior design recognizes the necessity of soundproofing through flooring in construction and renovation projects.

Our EcoFlex™ Echo carpet tile backing showcases our dedication to wellbeing through superior impact sound insulation and improved sound absorption. Additionally the 94% recycled content alignes with our mission to sustainable product development.

For spaces with specific technical requirements EcoFlex™ Echo provides the answer. Compared to our standard carpet tile backing, EcoFlex™ Echo reduces impact noise by up to 25% and improves sound absorption values by up to 100%.

Indoor Air Quality

Together with temperature and humidity, air quality is one of the most important factors in interior environments.Influenced by ventilation rates, human activity levels, plant presence, and emissions from furnishings and floors, maintaining optimal air quality is essential. Poor air quality can lead to a range of health issues, emphasizing the importance of our products contributing to healthy and safe workspaces. To ensure this, our carpet tiles adhere to some of the strictest indoor emission labels, mitigating health risks for end-users.

Beyond health considerations, our commitment to indoor emissions performance aligns with sustainability goals. Our finished interior products can contribute to achieving certifications such as BREEAM, LEED, and WELL, promoting sustainable building practices and furthering our dedication to creating healthier and environmentally responsible spaces.

Through our culture

Zero Harm

The health and safety of all our employees is paramount in all our activities. We aim to be a zero-harm company, with a positive culture, where everyone takes care of each other and safety is ingrained in all our activities. If we want to be sure that everyone can go home safely at the end of each working day, we must install a safety culture that takes every single detail into account.

Logo of Zero Harm in the Unilin company
Employees of unilin mohawk group who are running

Well-being and health at work

Our workplace is a second home to our employees. We aim to create a positive, stimulating and safe working environment where people feel comfortable and appreciated. We support and empower our employees in a wide range of physical, mental and social well-being topics, encouraging them to take care of themselves and each other. In particular, we invest in both individual and collective coaching initiatives strengthening vitality and health, ergonomics, resilience, connection and fun, and employee development.

We are working to establish a well-structured and effective well-being policy that moves beyond one-off initiatives, in the areas of health, vitality and healthy lifestyle habits. We frequently monitor material risks, impact and opportunities through feedback meetings between employees and their managers, as well as through the Mohawk Employee Engagement Survey.

In 2022, we started training our global community in how to address, identify and cope with psychosocial risks for themselves and their colleagues. Topics addressed during the training include stress and burnout, unwanted and unacceptable behaviour (violence, bullying, sexual intimidation or discrimination), and substance abuse. Roll-out in our teams will continue across all entities.

Lifelong Learning

We are convinced that the growth of our company hinges on the growth of our employees. We therefore anchor lifelong learning at the core of our talent management.

The Dive provides our employees with an inspiring and motivating context, where they can find answers to all questions on career and training.

We offer an extensive range of induction, interpersonal and functional training throughout their career to guide, upskill and reskill employees. We put high focus on developing role-based learning journeys, whilst further deploying online, offline and blended learning and intensifying learning networks and expert communities.

The Dive at Unilin HQ WIelsbeke where employees can get certified trainings

Through our environmental impact

Dive into our sustainability initiatives, where we detail how we’re minimizing our reliance on fossil fuels in operations
and enhancing the eco-friendliness of our products through the use of sustainable materials.

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