Carpet tiles at Renson ventilation offices

Over 2,500m² of custom carpet tiles have been installed at the new RENSON Ventilation - Sunprotection - Outdoor Outdoor Experience Centre in Belgium. 

  • Location: Waregem
  • Sector: Office
  • Product Category: Carpet tiles
  • Architect: Binst Architects
  • Surface: 2500 m²

The Centre is home to the Belgium giant’s new Outdoor Living business and its offices, production facilities, warehouse and showroom.Working in collaboration with the experienced dynamic interior architects of BINST ARCHITECTS, our design team paired bespoke textures with unique colours to create an exclusive floor. 

Expertly installed by Oxfloor Multistep, one design now adorns the second-floor workspace of the Renson Outdoor brand, while a second adds comfort and style to the NOA outdoor living conference rooms.