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Discover the Excellence of Mohawk Group EMEA, your premier destination for top-tier commercial flooring solutions. As the premium brand within Unilin and part of Mohawk Industries, we bring a unique blend of innovation and quality, supported by two industry giants.

Our “Bespoke Services” cater specifically to Real Estate Professionals and End Users, offering tailored solutions that transform visions into reality.

Experience the unparalleled value of our services, where design meets functionality, setting new standards in high-quality commercial flooring.

Production site of carpet tiles in Belgium

Quality & Service

Throughout the creation process, we consistently prioritize the ease of installation. This way, we alleviate your concerns and enable more efficient work, resulting in time and cost savings.

By delivering high-quality products and excellent service, we aim to assist you in becoming a reliable partner for your customers, contributing to building your reputation, and providing you with a competitive advantage in the market.  

Well-being & Sustainability

We aim to scientifically substantiate the positive impact of our products on individuals in work and leisure environments.

By this means, we want to assist you in ensuring that your project has the most favorable impact on user well-being.

Icon to show the underfoot comfort of carpet tiles

1. Indulge Underfoot Comfort

Elevate the walking experience for occupants with flooring designed for maximum comfort. Our promise on comfort is backed by the artificial athlete test (EN 14808), ensuring our products absorb shocks, providing joint-friendly support. Experience the tangible difference in comfort that our flooring solutions bring to your projects.

Icon to show good the good acoustic quality of carpet tiles

2. Harmony in Acoustics

Craft the ideal workplace where concentration thrives, creativity blossoms, and stress is kept at bay, all thanks to our meticulously designed acoustics. Transform your spaces with our acoustically tuned flooring solutions, a key influencer of productivity and well-being. As we focus on delivering the perfect acoustic balance for your project, minimizing distractions and fostering a comfortable, creative work environment. 

Icon to show the good indoor quality of carpet tiles

3. Breath of Fresh Air

Prioritize the health and productivity of your projects with our emphasis on indoor air quality. Create spaces that promote well-being, reduce absenteeism and enhance satisfaction among occupants. Our commercial flooring solutions contribute to alertness and cognitive performance, combating reduced concentration and sluggish decision-making associated with poor air quality.

4. Green Building Credentials Unveiled

Explore our sustainability datasheets to pinpoint how our products can positively contribute to your green building project. Through collaboration with third-party licensed assessment agencies, we support various certifications like BREEAM, LEED, WELL, DGNB, and HQE. Our commitment extends beyond functionality, enriching the spaces we touch and the lives we impact.

Labels for green building
Brochure - EPD - Declaration of environmental product

5. Environmental Transparency

Access detailed environmental performance information through our Environmental Product Declaration (EPD’s), empowering stakeholders, customers, and the public to make informed decisions. Easily download EPD’s from the documents section on our website, ensuring transparency and accountability in every aspect of our products.

6. New life to old flooring

We understand that projects evolve, and so should your flooring. Introducing ReCover, our re-use and recycling program for flooring waste. Whether it’s our tiles or those from other manufacturers, ReCover ensures responsible disposal and, where possible, recycling. Don’t let old flooring slow you down – let’s give it a new life.

Palet of recovered materials to be used in production of carpet tiles

Maintenance & Warranty

Carpet tiles of Mohawk Group in office spaces

Ease of Maintenance

No need to worry about extensive repairs or full replacements, non-removable stains or damages effortlessly by replacing individual tiles. This practical brilliance ensures spaces to remain pristine, backed by a flooring solution balancing aesthetics with convenience.

For any assistance, we kindly refer to the maintenance guide for further information.

Additionally, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions by contacting us at info.mohawkgroup@unilin.com. We are here to help and ensure your needs are met.

Carpet tiles of Mohawk Group in office spaces

Spotless Maintenance

Immerse yourself in unrivalled ease of maintenance with Mohawk Group’s flooring solutions.

In our Signature Concepts, we deliberately opt for high-performance yarns, designed not only for exceptional functionality but also for effortlessly tackling stains.

Explore the excellence of our thoughtfully chosen materials, ensuring that maintenance becomes an effortless and satisfying experience.

Step into a realm where quality and functionality converge, delivering an unparalleled experience.

Carpet tiles of Mohawk Group in office spaces

Extensive Warranty Coverage

Rely on our comprehensive 15-year commercial warranty that covers you against manufacturing defects - if these would exceptionally occur. It’s our commitment to the longevity and quality of your flooring.

Carpet tile floor with a design chair

Mohawk Group

Mohawk Group EMEA

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